39 Hits for September 2009

Velvet ant, Mutilla europaea in Dorset 2009
Southern hawker dragonfly in Dorset, image 1
Hover fly, Helophilus hybridus in Dorset
Common earwig, Forficula auricularia in Herfordhsire
Goldfinch on teasel in Dorset
Yellow wagtail and cows, Dorset and Bedfordshire
Blue tit collage from Dorset, image 1
Chiffchaff on garden flowers in Dorset
Willow warbler in the garden
Hoverfly, unsure which Scaeva species 1 in Dorset
Hornet wasp, front view, Dorset
Hornet wasp, side view, Dorset
Southern hawker dragonfly in Dorset, image 2
Funnel web spider, Amaurobius species in Dorset
Green shieldbug in Dorset, image 2
Southern bracket fungi, Ganoderma australe, Hampshire
Sloe bug, Dolycoris baccarum wing case carried by red ants in Dorset
Raft spider on tree trunk, Dorset
Hawthorn shield bug in Dorset, image 1

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