34 Hits for June 2006

Black-throated diver on lake, Dorset
Dragonfly or damselfly larvae case from Dorset
Sika deer in summer coat browsing in Dorset
Sika deer in summer coat scratching in Dorset
Common blue damselfly male and female in Dorset
Oystercatcher in summer 2006
Digi-scoped image of an oystercatcher on it's nest
Unidentified caterpillar 9453
Male linnet on heath scott's pine, Dorset
Unidentified caterpillar white, orange and black long hairs in Dorset
A young coot standing on a log in Dorset
Galloway cows grazing on heathland in Dorset
Unidentified caterpillar in Dorset, 8952
Male stonechat, summer close up, Dorset

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