Chaser Dragonflies

September 19, 2016 | Categories:

Broad-bodied chaser dragonfly freshly emerged, Dorset

Chasers are part of a large family of dragonflies - Libellulidae, which also include skimmer and (...)


Red-footed falcon at Morden Bog in Wareham Forest, Dorset, May 2016

August 04, 2016 | Categories:

 Just a few notes on the female red-footed falcon which was seen at beginning of May 2016 at Morden Bog in Dorset. On my first visit the views were disappointing. Just like a hobby it circled at height, then switched between hunting over reedbed and perching in distant trees

Red-footed falcon hunting high in the air, Dorset

  More people were there when I returned the following day. It was (...)

De Havilland Sea Vixen at the Bournemouth Airshow

August 28, 2015 | Categories:

The de Havilland Sea Vixen was an early carrier based jet fighter, used in the UK between 1959 and 1972. It had an unusual twin boom tail.
(Below: de Havilland Sea Vixen in fly past at the Bournemouth Airshow 2011)

RAF Sea Vixen, underside, Bournemouth Airshow, Dorset

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English Electric Canberra at Bournemouth Airshow

August 28, 2015 | Categories:

The Canberra served a the Royal Air force from 1951 onwards for 55 years. It resembles a larger version of the Gloster Meteor.

Canberra jet bomber flying overhead, Dorset

(Above: An English Electric Canberra, Below: the (...)


Avro Vulcan Bomber at the Bournemouth Airshow

August 25, 2015 | Categories:


The noise the Vulcan bomber produces with it's four engines is huge, It has been my favorite to watch at the airshow but it retired from airshows in 2015. Along with the Gloster meteor the Vulcan was the UK's first delta winged aircraft intoduced in 1956.  At the Farnborough airshow the Avro Vulcan showed capable of maneuvares normally only fighter jets could do.

(Below: a close fly-past from the Bournemouth Airshow 2014)

Vulcan bomber flying close by, Dorset



A very tame rarity, long-billed dowitcher at Poole Park, it's bendy bill and short-billed dowitcher Lodmoor, Dorset

October 20, 2014 | Categories:

Long-billed dowitcher at Poole Park 31st January 2011 and 14th February 2011

Long-billed dowitcher, 1st winter, portrait, Dorset

The tamest rarity I have photographed was a long-billed dowitcher in Poole Park in 2011. The (...)